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The Right Formula To Win On YouTube As A Creator

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The world is now well inside the digital age, and with each passing day, new social applications and platforms are coming up. Today, we all depend on countless applications filled in our phones, and we stay connected to the world. YouTube is one of the most popular applications out of them. In fact, it’s the world’s second most-used social platform.

With that being said, we can imagine how YouTube must’ve so many influencers and creators from different niches, producing content and making money. And in this article, we will be talking about how you can use YouTube as a creator and bag some great wins, so read further.

Join The YouTube Partner Program

If you’re a creator who’s looking for some extra wins and income, then joining the YouTube Partner Program is a great way to start off. Through the YouTube Partner Program, creators get special features on the platform that they can use to their advantage.

Features like YouTube Premium subscription, Super Chat, memberships on your channel, and a merchandise shelf to showcase your merch are some of the many features that you can use through this program and win as a creator.

Sell Merchandise

Being a YouTube creator and having a following can open up new business opportunities for you. One of the most common businesses that YouTube creators initiate is a merchandise store. If people like you and follow you, they would obviously love to buy from you as well.

You can greatly leverage your position and set up a clothing business. When that’s done, you can create a marketing strategy to market your products on YouTube, target the relevant audience and get some sales.

Make Use Of Influencer Marketing

Big brands are always on the lookout for popular YouTube creators and how they can get them on board for their next marketing campaign. As a YouTube creator, you can create sponsored content on your channel.

Sponsored content is one of the best ways to earn money from YouTube, where you don’t even have to pay YouTube their cut because the brands are paying you directly. With a properly written brand pitch, you can partner with a bunch of big brands relevant to your niche and get them to pay you for marketing their products and services.

Host Live Video Chats

Live video chats offer a great way for you to interact with your audience and also to earn some good money. Super Chat is YouTube’s new fan funding feature where fans can pay money to get the comment highlighted or pinned for a certain time period.

The idea is simple and works like a charm. The more each person pays, the longer their comment stays highlighted, and that ends up giving you a decent amount of money through a live video chat.

Much like any other social media platform, there are no set guidelines for winning on YouTube as a creator, nor is there any right or wrong formula. All it takes is creativity, honesty, and a whole lot of consistency for some great wins.

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