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The Entrepreneurial Game that No One Wins: Comparing Yourself with Other Success Stories

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you understand the struggles that come with being one. One of these struggles is the comparison that you make with other successful people. Although it may not be something you were ready for, this problem is inevitable.

Since we can’t eliminate the problem, here are some ways to help you so that your thinking doesn’t negatively impact your journey.

Remember that the Goal is Growth

Whenever you start a business, it is crucial to understand that what you’re doing is for your growth. Instead of making it a competition, make it a journey. A journey that you can learn from. Business success isn’t a result; it’s a process. It’s possible that people who’re doing better than you have been in this process for much longer than you have. Even if you feel like you’re failing or that your business idea isn’t good enough, realize that no other entrepreneur has the same capabilities you have. Failing is always a part of the process.

Celebrate for Each Goal Post

We understand how it might become hard to celebrate the small goals you achieve, but you must do so. Usually, what happens is that while you’re so distracted in becoming as good as someone else or surpassing someone else, you forget everything that you’ve done so far. This way of operating will affect you physically, but it will also negatively impact your mental health, which will take a toll on your business. Set specific goals for yourself, and each time you reach that goal, understand how much better you’ve gotten. A little is always more than nothing.

Do Not Self-Limit Yourself

Yes, there are indeed tons and tons of people out there doing the same business as you. But why should that stop you? Your self-limiting beliefs will feed into the idea that you’ll always be lower than others and add unnecessary stress on you. You don’t have to figure everything out yourself. Learning from others and leaning onto them is a thing that should be common in all businesses because of how important it is. There are always unanticipated challenges when you start something new. This is one of them. Instead of beating yourself up for it, work on not limiting yourself to the mindset you have.

Find Non-Monetary Values

Although you might feel like money is the most important thing while working in a business, you cannot be more wrong. The obsession with money will feed into your mind in a way like no other. You need to realize that some people will always have more money than you no matter how hard you try. So, instead of only setting financial goals, focus your energy on what you value more. Giving back to your customers and making their lives better is one such way. We’ve met various entrepreneurs who said the same thing- that after a while of achieving their goals and getting money, what they came back to was the approval and praise of their customers.

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