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Determined to excel in
the catering Industry

Married and mother of three wonderful children and and a lover of the kitchen since her youth. Sylvie Mukadi immediately understood that there was no substitute for fresh ingredients and careful preparation.

Inspired by her mother who is a good cooker, Sylvie Mukadi has been professionally involved in catering, entertainment and festive activities as a chef.

Passionate about cooking, she is dedicated to creating healthy and delicious foods and providing practical services that save her clients time. Offering personalized recommendations and support while incorporating appropriate food choices into lifestyle options.
she strives to create the perfect balance between customer and chef.

Sylvie has been able to cultivate fruitful and lasting relationships with her clients, not only because of her professionalism, but also because of her three-fold strategy:
A: What the customer wants: Customer requirements and opinions are essential for menu planning. Each menu takes into account the nutritional needs and food sensitivities (allergies, etc.) of each person.

B. Health and taste: Sylvie Mukadi’s culinary goal is not only to eat well, but also to stay healthy.

It coaxes the most intense flavors of generally sweet ingredients, while using low-fat foods and calories.

Sylvie thinks that when we take care of our body by eating healthy, we improve our mood and our energy level.

C. Portion control : The amount of food a person eats is the most important factor in controlling their weight and staying in shape. In planning menus for customers, Sylvie focuses on food quality.

From menu planning to food presentation to make you savor, Sylvie Mukadi offers a personalized experience to make your event unique.

  1. Can you tell us about your business?

SM SBlessing hand is a tailor-made catering company based in Dallas, Texas.

My business grew mostly by word of mouth for nine years and served the city of Dallas and the rest of the United States.

Specializing in corporate and private functions, birthday celebrations, office launches, weddings and school balls.

The dishes are prepared from local ingredients and are often traditional recipes with a contemporary style of service, served in plates and bowls with harmonious shapes.

My menu offers a variety of African, Caribbean, Jamaican and American dishes.

I have a team of qualified, intelligent and trained staff to high standards in food hygiene and customer service.

  1. What goal do you want to achieve in the catering industry?

SM My goal is always to love what I do and to excel in the industry. I am grateful to see people of all races eating and enjoying my food, It allows me to continue to be motivated.

My ultimate goal is to become an international chef, to travel outside the United States and cook for events in Europe and Africa.

  1. How do you handle difficult customers?

SM I understand that people have different needs. I have always taken the time to understand these factors in order to present to the customers a package that will make them happy.

In this industry, I learned to listen better to customers. This helps me to put together a nice package for them.

Emmanuel Kalumbata

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