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Maximizing Returns From Natural Resources – A Solution For Africa

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Africa is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. These valuable assets present economic growth and development opportunities, but they have not been fully exploited to date. To maximize the returns from natural resources, African countries must adopt policies and strategies that promote productive investment and sustainable management.

There are several ways to achieve this, and each country will need to tailor the approach to its specific circumstances. By working together and sharing best practices, Africa can create a positive environment for investment in its natural resources sector and realize its full potential.

How Can Natural Resources Be Exploited Effectively In Africa?

To exploit natural resources effectively, African countries must establish policies and regulations that encourage productive investment and sustainable management. Several factors must be considered to achieve this, including:

1. Legal And Regulatory Framework

The governing laws and regulations must be conducive to investment and sustainable exploitation of natural resources. The rules should be clear and transparent, and investors should be given certainty about their rights and obligations.

The tax regime must also encourage investment in the natural resources sector. It should be simple and efficient, and taxes should be structured in a way that does not discourage investment.

2. Infrastructure

Access to transport, electricity, and telecommunications networks can boost productivity in many sectors, but these networks must be reliable to use effectively.

The African Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI) ranks Seychelles as the most developed African nation in 2020, with a score of 96.73 out of 100. Egypt came in second with 88.39 points, followed by Libya with 82.97 points. The index shows how infrastructure development is progressing around the globe.


The poor infrastructure reduces the reliability of energy sources and communications networks and limits the ability of people to access resources or make decisions. This means that many businesses struggle to operate because of poor infrastructure, even though they may have a good idea in mind.

3. Human Resource Development

Human resource development is crucial to natural resource exploitation. The investment must go hand-in-hand with good governance and appropriate training and education programs.

4. Technology

Using the latest technologies, African countries can increase their natural resources’ productivity and reduce extraction costs. Africa has vast mineral deposits but often lacks the technology to extract them. The cost of exploiting these resources is too high for small-scale companies, so large multinationals have had to step in to supply the needed equipment and expertise. With more efficient use of technology, Africa could gain significant economic benefits.

5. Financial Systems

Governments must develop sound financial systems that enable resource-dependent economies to attract productive investment. To achieve this, African governments must pursue policies that make foreign direct investment attractive and competitive. They also must reduce business costs by cutting red tape and taxes. African economies must invest in human capital to maximize their potential for long-term economic growth.

6. Poverty Reduction

African governments are making progress in reducing poverty. For example, the African Development Bank’s African Human Development Report 2007 (AHR) states that, since the early 1990s, Africa’s economic growth has reduced poverty more quickly than the world average.

The AHR notes that there are significant variations within Africa. For instance, southern Africa had an average reduction in poverty of 21 percentage points, while northern Africa was only 13 percentage points better off than when the previous AHR was published in 1995.

7. Political Environment

Countries need a stable political environment to attract investment. This means governments must ensure a level playing field for all investors and refrain from engaging in discriminatory practices such as granting concessions to politically influential individuals.

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