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Loneliness and a New Reality Post-Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic jostled our lives like nothing else. From being locked in homes to maintaining distance from peers, physical and emotional loneliness has had quite an impact on most of us.

Are you also struggling to cope with the reality of a lethal infection that can isolate you to the walls of your room?  We sure are.

Things are no longer the same. Isolation and subtle loneliness have become a part of our lives, whether you’re quarantined for having contracted the virus, self-isolating for suspected exposure, or just staying most of the time indoors for prevention.

Feel Better in Isolation

If you think about it, it’s not as bad to have more time to ourselves. Research shows that people who are comfortable spending time alone experience increased happiness and better stress management.

Great artists and writers have long been drawn to solitude, connecting better to their muse by disconnecting with others. Given the opportunity, we must not dwell on the dark side but seek the silver lining. In this age and era, making lemonade out of lemons is a matter of individual liberty. If you’re given the opportunity to rest in solitude, it’s up to you to utilize that time the right way and come out stronger than before.

Create Art to Beat Loneliness

Expressing your emotions through works of art is therapeutic, which is why there’s a strong reason why artists tend to be swept away by their work. As much as you’d deny it, there live artists within every soul on Earth. Be it writing, painting, sculpting, dancing, or singing; creativity is the best solution to battle pandemic loneliness.

  • Channel your feelings by writing a journal each day. Tell about your day, your experiences, how you are coping with the pandemic. You can replace paper writing with making a blog on the web and pouring your thoughts for a wide audience to read.
  • Practice hand lettering or calligraphy. It is truly healing for some.
  • Write or read poetry.
  • Start a short story or novel that you have always wanted to write. Take this time out to prepare a proper draft and work on your storytelling art.
  • You can also take up art projects such as completing paint-by-number projects.
  • Take up a new hobby like jewelry making, knitting, needlework, origami, or crochet projects.
  • You can also collect memorable photos and compile a photo album to look back on the years you’ve lost and make most of the time in your hands.
  • Another best creative solution to beating loneliness is redecorating a room in your home. Search up the designs, move things around, start organizing things, and revamp the look. You’ll instantly feel better.

Loneliness can have adverse effects on your health if you dwell too much on the darker side of it. With the new reality, you have to adjust to the changes and make things better for yourself. For social animals like us, there is nothing better than forcing the creative artist out on the front to defeat pandemic loneliness.

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