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Life-Changing Technologies For The Common African Man

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It’s no secret that our world has undergone drastic changes over the last decade. From technological advancements to how people think about themselves, life has changed for the better.

But, there’s a lot of promise coming out of Africa, too. Technology in Africa will change lives more than anywhere else on the planet.

And in a bid to help more Africans, we’re going to explain the 4 unique ways technology in Africa will change the life of an ordinary man.

1. Internet Of Things

The internet of things will make everyday items smart and give everyone access to the same information. This will be a game-changer.

Imagine that every single object in your home – from light bulbs to refrigerators to shoes – can communicate with one another. And they can do it at a low cost.

According to Mark Walker, associate VP for sub-Saharan Africa at IDC Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, Internet of Things (IoT) usage in South Africa is predicted to expand by 14 percent annually between 2020 and 2025.

Africans will be using this smart infrastructure to keep track of their children, find out when their electricity bill is due, monitor their health, and turn lights off when they leave the room.

2. Virtual Reality

In the future, virtual reality could be used by many industries, including education, gaming, and travel. For example, imagine being able to travel to any part of the world without having to spend your money.

Imagine looking around and seeing the ocean or just enjoying the view of the city from above. Virtual reality is already available today, but it is less effective than it will be.

The Virtual – reality industry’s sales were just 24 million South African rands in 2018, but that figure is predicted to rise to 195 million rands by 2023, representing a growth rate of 52.5 %.

Africans can expect this technology to improve the lives of many people. It’s not just going to make things easier for tourists, but also for people who want to study in another country.

3. 3D Printing

3D printing will be the single most significant change in manufacturing in the 21st century. It’s going to transform the manufacturing industry completely. Just think about everything you can print: cars, houses, clothes, and even dinosaurs.

So it’s pretty evident that 3D printing will make the world a lot easier to live in – what with everything being printed out rather than being built anymore.

3D printers will make the production line a whole lot smoother. In Africa, they will make building houses for the poor much easier.

4. Self-Driving Cars

The concept of self-driving cars is not new, and it is, in fact, very much a reality. It’s been around in various forms since the 80s. So, why has it taken until now?

Well, it’s because manufacturing and production are finally becoming cost-effective. So, it’s also gaining traction because it’s a much safer alternative to driving yourself. And therefore, the tech is slowly but surely becoming mainstream.

Bottom Line

There’s hope for the common African man because technology will make life easier and more convenient for them. And, as more and more products start getting more competent, more jobs will become obsolete.

So, if you want a job in the future, you need to get a degree in technology because the demand for tech-savvy people is only going to increase.

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