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How To Use Scarcity and Urgency To Boost 10x Your Sales?

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For startups, boosting sales can be quite an intimidating task. However, it is not an impossible one. All intelligent marketers would know that creating demand for a particular product is the right way to entice customers into buying.

So how does one go about creating demand? What you need is the element of urgency in your products from your customer. Enlist the idea of scarcity, which would automatically give rise to urgency and boost sales. Check out these urgency and scarcity tips to get your sales going.

1.    Site Overlays

While this might feel annoying, they are very effective in increasing conversions for your product. In today’s day and age, you will come across tons of ad-blocking technologies and software; however, these ad blockers can permanently eliminate pop-up and overlays.

According to statistics, the sites that had pop-ups performed more than the ones with no pop-ups. Moreover, the conversion rate was also higher by around 2100%.

2.    Power Words

Are you looking for a way to gain your audience’s attention and make them take action? Power words are the way to go. As an average customer scrolls through your site, the words NEW or NOW can entice them to take action immediately.

We can’t deny the fact that new and shiny stuff attracts everyone. Use that physic and apply it to your products. Putting up tags saying buy NOW or NEW can get you tons of attention, resulting in potential leads.

3.    Limited Time Offers

Limited-time offers are as old as they come, and they are effective each time. Limited time offers are the most indication of creating urgency in your customers to make a purchase. Ever heard of ‘fear of missing out (FOMO)?” That’s precisely what will be the driving element for purchase.

The best thing about limited-time offers is that there is a massive variety of options available in these. You can either opt for flash sales or create limited-time products to attract people.

4.    Countdown Timers

Countdown timers are another way of increasing sales, but it is crucial to ensure that these timers are not overly used or rendered useless. According to statistics, websites that used countdown timers effectively increased by up to 30% in their click-through rate. Ensure that you don’t leave a timer on your site indefinitely, or customers will catch on to your sales tactics.

5.    Low Stock Notices

To urge your customers into making a purchase, you can put up notes claiming that a particular product is in low stock. You can do these two ways. Look at products that customers have put into their cart but left the process halfway. Indicate to them that the item could be out of stock anytime soon. Another trick is to set low stock notes on your low-selling products.

With these sure-shot sales techniques, you can make progress with sales and attract more customers. Try not to repeat anyone tactic repeatedly, or your customers might catch up on you.

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