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How To Use Clubhouse for Social Media – Some Basic Tips and Tricks

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Clubhouse, a new social media application, has taken over the internet these days. With around 10 million active users, it looks like the app is here to stay for good. With tons of the world’s thought leaders being hosted and a vast user base, it sparks much curiosity amongst the users. Down below, we have some essential tips and tricks to help you navigate the app.

1.    No Invite Required

First off, since there are a restricted number of invites given to each user, it can be hard to call in every one of your friends. So, let’s find a way to get you into the party without having to waste any invites.

Find a friend who is a clubhouse member. Next, make sure that your contact number is saved in their phone and vice-versa. Sign up on the app and get a username. The person who is already a member will get a popup to help you join in. All they have to do is press “Let them in” and you will be good to go.

2.    Joining Club

At Clubhouse, you can join into rooms and listen to different conversations going on. However, these rooms are created temporarily. To find a place of your choice that is more permanent, you should join clubs. These are permeant where you will get a notification once a chat room starts.

To join, all you have to do is tap the club’s name and click the button that says “Follow.” Once you get in, you will get a green-colored home icon right at the top.

3.    Interest Selection

So, you signed up for the app and, in a hurry, selected a bunch of random topics when asked for your interests. The thing here to note is that whatever content you get on your timeline will be based on the interests you selected at the time of signing up.

Press the profile icon located at the top of the page. Here, select the gear icon and press on “Interests.” Here is where you can personalize your profile and add in or remove interests.

4.    People Browsing in Rooms

Maybe you joined a room and are talking about a friend who joins in. Awkward? There is an easy way to avoid such a situation. Upon entering any room, press on the three dots located at the top right corner of the screen. A pop bar “Search Room” will be displayed on your screen. Press on it and type your friend’s name to check whether they are in the room or not—no more mindless scrolling.

5.    Blocking People

This one is self-explanatory. Sometimes, you don’t want certain people to be a part of your safe house. Thankfully, Clubhouse gives its users the option to block and prevent people from entering. All you have to do is go to said person’s profile and tap on the three dots. Block them and they won’t be able to enter any room where you are a speaker or a moderator. And there you have it. Use these tricks to navigate the app to its fullest! Share stories and have the time of your life chatting with unique and like-minded people.

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