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How to launch and run a multi-channel marketing campaign

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The buying pattern of consumers has changed a lot in the past two decades. No way sticking with a single channel marketing strategy will suffice for a business that wants to make it big – in terms of awareness and sales. Hence, the need for a multi-channel marketing campaign.

 However, gathering the correct information regarding the how and why is vital before a business dives into multi-channel marketing.

A Multi-channel marketing campaign

Let’s understand multi-channel marketing campaigns by analyzing our behavior as consumers. We are living in an era of an overdose of choices – from movies to mobile phones. We don’t rely on one channel to make our purchase decision. Multi-channel marketing is identifying and targeting those channels to engage with their customers and generate a lead.

Interestingly enough, according to Harvard Business Review, 73% of consumers use multiple channels to explore and finalize their buying. So, if you are not engaging with them on all the channels, then your excellent efforts on a singular channel can be futile.

1.      Research about different marketing channels

In this age of big data and analytics, every decision that marketers take needs to be backed by numbers. Search about different channels that your consumers are using to reach your brand. You can use existing consumer’s data and metrics to go deeper into recognizing their buying pattern and use of different channels.

Additionally, identify channels that have a high ROI and offer higher value on consumer engagement as well. Once you have identified the patterns and the worth of different channels, it’s time to allocate a budget.

2.      Adjust your marketing campaign for all channels

It is of utmost significance for marketers to understand that one ad will not earn them the same results throughout multiple channels. Here, you will need to identify the type of content that ticks with different channels. For example, with Instagram, the optics should be fine-tuned to attract the consumer in the first place.

Your brand identity will remain the same throughout the different channels. However, a creative team will play a vital role in coming up with content that is fitting for multiple channels. A pro-tip is to utilize the distinct features that each channel has to offer and maximize on them.

3.      Utilize analytics to track your work and fine-tune it accordingly

You are through with research and content creation. Now is the time to measure performance across multiple channels. You can consider attribution models for performance evaluation as well.

A.      Linear attribution model:

 Equal credit is attributed to all consumer actions along the journey.

B.      Time-decay attribution

A consumer’s recent actions are given more credit in time-decay.

C.      Position-based attribution

More attribution is given to different actions of the consumers in certain stages of the lead cycle.

D.      Retarget the customers

Lastly, with performance evaluations, don’t forget to retarget consumers using multi-channel marketing. You can increase web traffic with targeting through multiple channels.

Your end goal with multi-channel marketing should be to maximize the use of all channels to streamline your marketing and get better results.

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