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How To Get Hired in The African Culture Fashion Industry

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Africa is the second-largest continent of the world and home to over a billion people. Africa is huge and diverse. It is comprised of 55 countries, around 2,000 languages, and plenty of highly diverse cultures. The continent is known for its rich cultural heritage. The African culture fashion industry reflects its cultural heritage.

To work in the African fashion industry, one needs to delve into the African culture and values. The African clothing is inspired by its history, cultures, languages, wildlife, nature, and even music. The traditional African dress includes the Dashiki and Kaftan. The prints of these clothes are always bold and beautiful with floral patterns and bright colors. These patterns change according to the seasons. 

Like any other fashion industry globally, the African industry is also evolving and changing with time, with the latest fashion trends occurring every season. 

Women’s Clothing

The latest trends for women include oversized sleeves, off-shoulder, and side slits. All of the designs are well suited to the hot and humid climate of the continent. The large sleeves are even adopted in some western fashion industries; puffy and bell-shaped sleeves define these. The off-shoulder design was introduced in the 1980s and has stayed in fashion till the present. Japan-inspired the kimono-style shirts as the floaty and comfortable garment suits the continent’s climate. 

Men’s Clothing

African men’s clothing is trendy in other countries, especially in Latin America and Mexico. Animal prints are commonly seen on shirts. This reflects the nomadic and rough lifestyle still present in some parts of the continent. Perhaps the men’s suits are most known for their multi-colored suits. A Kaftan is a popular dress for special occasions. The dress consists of a plain suit with embroidery around the neck. 

Design Trends

Parents and their children enjoy wearing matching African print apparel. This has been a popular trend for some years. For example, mothers enjoy wearing matching African print skirts with their daughters, while men wear similar colorful African shirts. Couples enjoy wearing matching clothing, particularly for formal occasions.

Another popular trend is the touches of wax printing in articles of clothing. For example, the texture may be added to the collar, cuffs, or pockets on a man’s shirt. As mentioned earlier the African fashion showcases very bright and vivid colors of wax printing. These prints are also fashionable in the west, especially during the summertime. Similarly, floral prints are also trendy in both men’s and women’s clothing. 

The African Culture fashion is unique and highly diverse. Before venturing into the field, a fashion designer must study the continent’s culture, history, and heritage as its rich cultural heritage deeply inspires the industry.

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