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African Lifestyle: What To Pick And What Not To!

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Africa is a beautiful country with fantastic culture, unique traditions, and much more. Of course, living in Africa has advantages and disadvantages, but the continent can be a great place to live.

You’ll get a chance to learn about African history, culture, arts, traditions, and so much more. Living in Africa allows you to witness real African life firsthand, experience the culture, and learn the local language.

But, what should you Adopt and what not? Let’s get into it.

African Lifestyle You Should Adapt To

1. The Vibrant And Colorful African Lifestyle

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Africa is its vibrant and colorful lifestyle. The continent is full of life, color, and vibrancy. In addition, the people are very welcoming and friendly and love showing off their culture and traditions.

The best part of living in Africa is that you get to experience the natural African lifestyle. In addition, you will see the culture, traditions, and much more.

African people love their colors, wearing them on their clothes, accessories, and even their homes. They also love dancing and singing, another part of their culture that you’ll surely enjoy.

2. The Delightful food of Africa

African food is delicious and nutritious. You’ll be amazed by the variety of foods that are available in Africa. From traditional African dishes like African Stew to Chinese cuisine, there is something for everyone.

The continent is also known for its diverse range of cuisines, from traditional African dishes to modern ones that are now very popular worldwide.

Living in Africa gives you the chance to enjoy the delicious food of the continent, and you don’t even need to travel to Africa to try them.

3. The Sense Of Community

This is another thing that makes Africa such a great place to live. Most Africans will take care of each other, and the community spirit is something you’ll always see in Africa.

Things You Should Not Learn From Africa

1. Poor Education System

The education system in Africa is indigent. So many children are not going to school, which affects their future. So many kids drop out of school and don’t have any hopes for the future.

According to the findings of a recent international study, more than three-quarters of youngsters in South Africa who are nine years old are unable to read.

The situation has taken a turn now as various non-governmental organizations are taking many initiatives to help educate the youth.

2. Lack Of Hygiene

Africans are known for their poor hygiene and lack of cleanliness. But, this is not true for all Africans. There are some Africans who are very clean and hygienic. So, before judging all Africans based on their poor hygiene, you need to do your research.

However, In some African countries, people do not use any toilets. Instead, they go outside to defecate and urinate. This can cause many health issues.

People, however, are now sensible enough to take the necessary hygienic measures, such as building a proper sanitation system and using safe water.

3. The Spitting Culture

In Maasai culture and tradition, it is thought to be of the utmost importance to share one’s saliva, although, in western customs, this is seen as a most personal and sensitive topic.

Spitting in one’s palm while greeting an older adult is customary. They also do this to protect a newborn infant from demonic forces; one should spit on the top of the baby’s head.

However, the culture is now changing, and people are becoming more conscious about their and others’ personal space.

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