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5 Undiscovered Gems In Africa

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Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, both in size and population. It is teeming with unbelievable things and places to discover.

While many of the beautiful places in Africa are quite popular among tourists, some are hidden like gems. From undiscovered forests to unbelievable peaks, here are 5 hidden gems in Africa.

1.     Akagera National Park

Tourists usually prefer visiting famous safari parks of Tanzania and Kenya. But the hordes of tourists in these beautiful places make your trip less enjoyable. Moreover, these places are expensive. Consider Akagera National Park in Rwanda for a quieter safari experience. Akagera has recently been given the title of a Big Five safari park. It reintroduced lions and rhinos to Rwanda. Tourists find it cheaper and the most stunning safari destination in Africa.

2.     Maletsunyane Falls

Lesotho is a small but very beautiful country in Africa. It is rich in heritage and is home to the marvelous Maletsunyane Falls. Falling from a height of 92 meters, Maletsunyane is located near the town of Semonkong. It even holds a Guinness World Record since October 2005, where it was the longest commercially operated single-drop abseil in the world. The water from the falls hit the basin at lightning speed to produce sounds that locals believe to be the voices of screaming souls who died by drowning in the falls. Many tourists visit Maletsunyane falls to watch the stunning scenery of water reflecting the sunlight.

3.     Mount Nyiragongo

Nyiragongo is a volcanic mountain located outside of the city of Goma. It boasts the world’s largest and most voluminous lava pool. Tourists hike overnight to reach the peak and spend the night relaxing in the red lava glows while watching the stunning views from the sky. Though the hike is quite lengthy and steep, it is worth it. On a cold night, one can appreciate the red lakes of lava and enjoy the beauty of this place.

4.     Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park, located in Tanzania, is known as the home of the Kasakela chimpanzee community. Only a limited number of tourists are permitted to trek through the park daily, and they are led by rangers familiar with chimpanzees. The way to the park is not easy; it can only be accessed by boat, making your experience more adventurous.

5.     Congo

A new and exciting destination, Congo, has opened access to Africa’s equatorial rainforests providing the opportunity to experience the pristine and unexplored environment. This emerald paradise hosts over a hundred species of mammals. It is referred to as the second lung of the world. Congo is the only place where you can find the Bonobo. This specie of chimpanzees is considered the closest relative to human beings. Accommodation in the Odzala National Park offers you stunning views of the surrounding rainforest.

So, these were 5 hidden attractions in Africa that are worth visiting in your lifetime. These amazing places will surely make you enjoy nature closely and will leave you with an unforgettable experience.


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